Salana Sailing was started by Anna Maria Darmanin and Gareth Thomas following several seasons working for a sailing school in the Canary Islands. Deciding that it was time to discover new sailing grounds we soon discovered that Malta and the nearby islands provide a perfect location for cruising and training. Sailing is our passion and it is our love for the sea, this immensely beautiful world that we at Salana Sailing like to share with anyone who steps onto our boats. We offer summer sailing courses and charters in Malta, winter sailing courses in Tenerife and the Canary Islands.

Anna Maria Darmanin, Cruising Instructor

Anna Maria is born and bred Maltese and speaks a number of languages including English, French and Italian, not forgetting Maltese. As well as being an RYA Cruising Instructor, she is also a Member of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels and a visiting lecturer at Malta University. Anna Maria and Gareth have been sailing and chartering in the Mediterranean since 2010 on their yacht Salana. It has been Anna Maria’s dream to own a yacht for many years and she has sailed extensively in the Mediterranean, Canary Islands as well as venturing to the rather less sunny Solent. In 2013 she skippered Salana from Malta to the Canary Islands, a journey taking over three weeks and over 2000NM. If you are lucky enough to have Anna Maria as your skipper it is in all your interests to keep her well fed and do not under any circumstances stand between Anna and the Nespresso machine.

About salana sailing

Gareth Thomas, Yachtmaster Instructor

Gareth is originally from Bristol and started sailing whilst working as a Divemaster in Tenerife. Soon after he bought his yacht, Salana. Gareth became a Yachtmaster Instructor in 2011 following two years as a Cruising Instructor and has taught in the UK and the Canary Islands. Having sailed the brand new Salana from the UK down to the Canary Islands, Gareth has sailed extensively around Europe, spent a season in Tunisia and done several yacht deliveries. Gareth's style is unmistakable, he is very calm and patient at sea, the sea is his home and he transmits this tranquillity to whoever is with him on a yacht. A seasoned sailor, and a dedicated instructor, Gareth's experience is evident in his style which is greatly appreciated by students and guests alike. We think he looks like Milhouse from the Simpsons. Happy Days!

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